Concept Revision of Age, Motivation, and Error Correction in Second Language Learning

Document Type : Original Article


roodehen Azad University


The current review article investigates some variables contributing to English language teaching and learning. Three factors of age, motivation and error correction have been of importance in English language curricula in language centres. Some studies have been conducted to investigate various effects of these three components on English language acquisition, those studies, however, may lack discussing these factors to make them easier to understand for the second language learners. To be specific, the purpose of this review is to reflect on, first, some major concepts correspondent to interaction, imitation and comprehensible input and output, and also some notions in accordance with age, motivation and error correction. The authors revisited nine notions about second language learning according to above mentioned factors, which have been theorised by scholars in this field. At the end of this review the authors included their positions about stereotypes in age, motivation and error correction of the second language learners.