Drawing Inspiration from the Quran to Open the M-game-Enhanced Avenue for Translation of Quranic Chapters

Document Type : Original Article


Game-based practicing of materials can be seen as a method of capturing an essence of real- life expe-rience which is commonly missing in the conventional face-to-face classrooms. To serve the L2 learn-ers'' immediate communicative needs in wider classroom and societal contexts, this study sought to place L2 English learners within an interactional social framework through reinforcing their English language translation ability by drawing inspiration from the holy Qur''an verses that invite people to fulfill the affairs in consultation with each other. To that end, using 2 × 2 Latin Square, Qur''ānic verses were grafted onto the mobile game (m-game) of ''Xane Bazi'' in the m-game-enhanced translation mod-ule of L2 pedagogy so as their English translations then to be practiced individually or collectively by 180 Iranian male and female college students majoring in Translation Studies during 18 sessions of an academic semester. For the purpose of collective translation practice, the participants were randomly divided into 90 dyads afterwards. As the study adopted a triangulation research design; thus, the data were gathered through a preresearch questionnaire, continuous assessment of participants'' performance, and also a focused interview. The achieved data were later analyzed using a paired-samples t-test as well as Spearman correlation. The results derived revealed that the difference between the two manners of translation practice was statistically significant. Drawing upon the findings, the favorable impact of collective manner of English translation practice of the Qur''ānic verses in the m-game-enhanced trans-lation module on learners'' translation ability was considered.