The Effect of the Translation Technologies on the Critical Thinking of the Students of the Translation Studies

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Foreign Languages, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


In this article the possible effects of the translation technologies on the critical thinking and translation ability of the students of the Translation Studies would be studied through a pre-experimental method of research. The participants of this research were thirty one Iranian senior Translation Studies students at the age group of 20-26 who were selected based on their age, educational level and English knowledge. The participants took part in a researcher made translation test and a standard test of criti-cal thinking twice; once at the beginning of the training course and then at the end of the course. Dur-ing 20 sessions, the participants learned and practiced the most common translation technologies and tools in the universities computer center.
The findings of this research with the 99 percent confidence showed that using the translation technol-ogies helped students to develop not only their critical thinking ability but also their translation compe-tence and their translation ability as well.