An Evaluation of EFL Course Contents Used in Language Schools and Institutes in Tehran


1 Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch,Tehran,Iran

2 Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch,Tehran,Iran


The present study aims to evaluate EFL course contents used in language schools and institutes in Teh-ran. To that end, 230 participants in Tehran were conveniently sampled. At the outset of the study, two questionnaires were given to all groups, and according to their responses, the data were analyzed. Each of the questionnaires was given to participants individually. Each group had thirty minutes to answer the questions. One of the questionnaires was related to the content of the material and was given to all groups. The focus of the questionnaire was on measures of psychological validity, process and content validity, and pedagogical validity introduced by Tomlinson (2003). To answer the research questions of this study, both descriptive and inferential statistics were run. An independent sample t-test was used between the mean scores obtained on the responses of the questionnaires. Furthermore, ANOVA was run too. All the data were normalized before running the statistical analyses. As a result, all null hy-potheses were rejected.