Meaning-Focused Audiovisual Feedback and EFL Writing Motivation

Document Type : Original Article


Fuculty of Persian literature and foreign Languages. Islamic Azad University, Tehran South Branch


Having in mind the high level of challenge in writing as a foreign language, this research provided Iranian EFL learners with audiovisual feedbacks as an alternative of common written feedback and focused on its’ meaningfulness in order to provide an incentive medium for the participants and increase their moti-vation. One hundred young adult female learners in addition to six English language teachers took part in this study. The data was gathered through opinionnaires, interviews and learner’s composition papers and the triangulation method was used to analyze the data. The findings indicate that audiovisual meaning-focused feedbacks are not only effective in increasing the learners’ motivation to write but also have the ability to change the negative view of the learners towards writing which can help learners further their efforts in also achieving educational progress in English.