Investigating the Effect of Morphology Instruction through Semantic Map-ping on Vocabulary Learning of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of morphology instruction through semantic mapping on vocabulary learning of Iranian intermediate EFL learners. To do so, 50 out of 70 students were se-lected from one English language institute by administrating a PET test. Then, they were assigned into two groups randomly as experimental and control groups. A pretest (teacher made) was administered to both groups for ensuring their level of vocabulary knowledge. After ten sessions of treatment only for the experimental group, a teacher made posttest was given to both groups. To analyze the data, in-dependent samples t-test and paired samples t-test were conducted .The results revealed that there was a statistically significant difference between two groups but no significant difference was found be-tween the female and the male participants.