The Position Occupied by Persian Translations of English Modern Short Stories in Persian Literary Polysystem

Document Type: Original Article


1 1 Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch

2 Alborz institute for higher education, Qazvin


Literatures of various cultures interfere with one another so that each of them may become part of another’s literary polysystem. Accordingly, the researchers, in this study, attempted to recognize what position Persian literary polysystem allowed English literature in particular Persian translations of English modern short stories to occupy during 1990-2005. This study also intended to find out the reasons for occupying such a position either central or peripheral. It employed Even-Zohar’s polysystem theory as the theoretical framework. In order to collect data, the researchers interviewed seven Persian experts; translators, fiction writers, critics, and literary competition judges. To analyze the data, this study utilized Grounded Theory. The researchers used X-Sight software to conduct a more organized analysis, and NodeXL software to illustrate the relationship among different agents of Persian literary polysystem.