Stylistic Analysis of a Poetic Text: A Case from Persian

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Islamic Azad University Faculty of Teacher Training, South Tehran Branch


Poetic analysis involves the explication of a poem by focusing on the process of semiosis in it. Through semiosis linguistic meaning is transformed into stylistic meaning. An examination of semiosis brings us to look at the hypersemanticized poetic structures which are none other than the style features of a poem. Since style functions in a literary text by conveying meanings other than literal ones, any poetic analysis necessarily centers on the examination and function of the style features. The poetic analysis in this paper involves the study of the style features along with their functions at the levels of the ’sentence symbol’, ’symbols in art’, and ’art/aesthetic symbol’ Gargesh (1990). While the study at the first two levels implies a textual analysis, the study at the level of the aesthetic symbol involves viewing the aesthetic concretions in the mind of the readers.