Number of Articles: 188
126. Meaning-Focused Audiovisual Feedback and EFL Writing Motivation

Volume 4, Issue 2, Autumn 2014, Pages 61-70

Maryam Tajallizadeh Khob; Ali Rabi

129. A Generic Analysis of the conclusion section of Research Articles in the field of sociology: A Comparative study

Volume 6, Issue 2, Autumn 2016, Pages 63-77

sarisa Najar Vazifehdan; Alireza Amjadiparvar

130. Improving Reading IELTS Scores: Completion vs. Selection Tasks

Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2010, Pages 55-73

Arshya Keyvanfar; Maryam Motlagh Rahmani

134. Translation of Power and Solidarity Pronouns in Qur’anic Rhetoric

Volume 7, Issue 3, Autumn 2017, Pages 65-73

Amin Amirdabbaghian

135. A Brief Review: The Meeting Point of Language Learning and Translation

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 79-84

Ahmad Mohseni; Adnan Satariyan

137. Strategies Available for Translating Persian Epic Poetry: A Case of Shahnameh

Volume 8, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages 71-83

Rasoul Firouzi; Salar Manafi Anari

138. Lexical Translation in Movies: A Comparative Analysis of Persian Dubs and Subtitles through CDA

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 69-79

Saber Noie; Fariba Jafarpour

139. Investigating Ideological Manipulation in Subtitling Based on Farahzad’s CDA Model: A Case Study of The Salesman

Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 69-79

Golnaz Borumad; Mina Zandrahimi; Zeinab Mahdavi

141. The Effect of Private Speech and Self-Regulation on Translation Quality among Iranian Translation Students: A Mixed-Methods Study

Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer 2019, Pages 81-95

Farahnaz Hashtarkhani; Behzad Ghonsooly; Afsaneh Ghanizadeh

144. Stylistic Analysis of a Poetic Text: A Case from Persian

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2010, Pages 75-84

Ali Rabi

145. Textual Enhancement across Linguistic Structures: EFL Learners' Acquisition of English Forms

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 69-78

Shadab Jabbarpoor; Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh

148. Universal Grammar and Chaos/Complexity Theory: Where Do They Meet And Where Do They Cross?

Volume 5, Issue 1, Autumn 2015, Pages 85-94

Marzieh Bagherkazemi; Bahram Mowlaie

149. The Rise of Modern Persian Literature through Translation in Iran

Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn 2015, Pages 87-100

Zahra Abdolahzadeh; Hossein Sabouri