Number of Articles: 188
2. Norms of Translating Taboo Words and Concepts from English into Persian after the Islamic Revolution in Iran

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 1-6

Hossein Vossoughi; Zohre Etemad Hosseini

3. Cognitive Style, Awareness, and Learners’ Intake and Production of Grammatical Structures

Volume 3, Issue 2, Summer 2013, Pages 1-15

Parviz Maftoon; Ghafour Rezaie

4. The Development and Validation of Language Learner Beliefs Scale in the Iranian EFL Context

Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2014, Pages 1-7

Parviz Birjandi; Mojtaba Mohammadi

5. An investigation into the relationship between EFL teachers’ and students’ multiple intelligences and teaching styles

Volume 5, Issue 1, Autumn 2015, Pages 1-16

Yoones Taase; Adnan Satariyan; Bronwyn Reynolds; Hamid Salimi; Ahmad Mohseni

6. Use of Films in Dynamic Assessment and the Writing Ability of Iranian Deaf Children

Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn 2015, Pages 1-11

Mojgan Rashtchi; Maryam Laleh

9. Manipulation of Ideology in Translation of Political Texts: A Criti-cal Discourse Analysis Perspective

Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2011, Pages 1-12

Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz; Leila Alimadadi Zonoozi

10. Investigating Discourse Socialisation Progress of an English as a Second Language Learner Using Systematic Functional Linguistic Approach

Volume 7, Issue 1, Spring 2017, Pages 1-11

Adnan Satariyan; Mohammadreza Esmaeili Chinijani; Bronwyn Reynolds

12. Investigating Iranian TEFL Teachers’ Perspective towards the Relationship between SLA Research and ELT

Volume 2.1, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 1-9

Zohreh Hosseinpour Keysami; Bahram Mowlaie

13. English Language Teaching Material Development

Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2011, Pages 1-12

Jahanbakhsh Nikoopour; Mohammad Amini Farsani

16. Writers on the Move: Visualizing Composing Processes Involved in Academic Writing

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 1-20

Alireza Ameri; Zahra Pourniksefat

18. An Analysis of Audiovisual Subtitling Translation Focusing on Wordplays from English into Persian in the Friends TV Series

Volume 8, Issue 2, August 2018, Pages 1-10

Samira Afsari; Elahe Abootorabi; Seyed Nezamaddin Moeinzadeh

19. Systemic Functional Linguistics as a Tool of Text Analysis for Translation

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2018, Pages 1-13

Ehsan Najafi Dehkordi

20. Codification of Nonverbal Elements in Subtitled Texts: A Case Study of the Persian Subtitles of English Movies

Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 1-11

Masoud Amandadi; Elahe Abootorabi; Masoud Sharififar

22. Turning Quantitative: An Analytic Scale to Do Critical Discourse Analysis

Volume 9, Issue 2, Summer 2019, Pages 1-16

Ardeshir Danesh; Ferdows Aghagolzadeh; Parviz Maftoon

24. Chromotherapy in the Field of Advanced Pranic Healing: A case of Persian to English

Volume 6, Issue 2, Autumn 2016, Pages 1-9

Zahra Derafshi; Gholam-Reza Abbasian

25. Retrospective and Introspective Think-Aloud Protocols in Translation Quality Assessment: A Qual-Quan Mixed Methods Research

Volume 9, Issue 4, Autumn 2020, Pages 1-16

Samaneh Heidari; Natasha Pourdana; Gholamhasan Famil Khalili